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Gecko Robotics Does the Heavy Inspecting

Gecko Robotics Does the Heavy Inspecting at Power Plants to Avoid Human Casualties

Y Combinator-backed Gecko Robotics is wishing to save a few human lives at our nation`s power plants with wall-climbing robotics.

Gecko`s proprietary magnetic adhesion innovation works much like the sticky foot of a gecko, permitting its robotics to crawl up walls to examine for damage along the method.

A human would typically be the checker, however that provides an often unsafe circumstance. According to Gecko, the majority of plants need to turn off at least as soon as a year to check for damage to the boiler. To do these evaluations teams install 150-foot scaffolds and climb the walls in search of locations in need of repair. Inspections can take up to seven days, with plants losing up to $1 million per day, says Gecko.

For $50,000 to $100,000 Gecko deploys robots to do the work of human inspectors, saving time and money in the procedure.

The start-up is presently working with a number of U.S. power plants and strategies to be profitable by the end of the year. We spoke with co-founder Jake Loosararian about his wall-climbing robotic inspectors. You can see that interview in the video above.